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Making a Smartphone Purchase

Has the time come for you to purchase a smartphone? When you are ready to purchase a new smartphone, the great news is that there are plenty of smartphones to choose from. We are partial to invite you to buy a S9 smartphone. But, to be honest, there are too many choices, and that can be overwhelming and can make picking a new phone pretty hard.

How You Make a Decision to Buy

Picking the right smartphone can be difficult, because you have so many choices available. Do you:

  • Choose a phone based on brand loyalty
  • Pick a phone that has all the bells and whistles
  • Pick a phone based on the operating system
  • Choose a phone based on its data packages
  • Choose a phone based on accessories available
  • Choose a smartphone plan

Make the Right Smartphone Purchase

At Mobile King, we are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to making a smartphone purchase, the most popular choices are iPhone and Samsung S9. Mobile King carries each of these, both new and gently used, and with a guarantee. Every smartphone is tested and examined during our certification process, so quality is never an issue.

Deciding Hardware to Purchase

Deciding which hardware you prefer is one of the first factors that will help you narrow down your decision. The iPhone in terms of weight, size, and appearance is uniform across the board because it’s made by only one company, Apple. However, keep in mind that the storage on an iPhone isn’t expandable, so make sure to choose the right size based on your needs.

Choosing an Android Phone

Android phones, however, can vary widely by manufacturer, so you’ll have to focus on tech specs—battery, camera, CPU, and phone size to narrow down your choices. If you plan on doing a lot of reading, movie watching, and gaming on your phone, opt for a larger size screen. “Phablets” like the Samsung S9 are better options for those using their phones for more than just texting and web browsing.


If you’re searching for a smartphone that offers more apps—Android’s your pick. Android’s Google Play offers more apps than an iPhone, and Google Play is less strict about which apps it allows on the phone.

Your Ultimate Smartphone Buying Choice

Whichever smartphone you ultimately decide to choose, you can be certain you will mak the best merchandise at affordable prices from Mobile King. Contact the cell phone repair experts today at 317-835-9772 for more information, or visit us online at .

Mobile phone hotspot
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Mobile Phone Hotspots

It’s important to have access to the web in today’s connected and fast paced society. More than likely, your smartphone offers a mobile internet connection, however you’ll find that most tablets and laptops do not. In situations such as that, the best solution is a mobile Wi-Fi. This device connects to a mobile data network and broadcasts a small wireless signal that lets you connect several other devices to the Internet. In a large number of cases, you won’t need a separate device.

More often than not, your smartphone may offer hotspot capability. There are several upsides and a number of downsides to using your phone as a mobile hotspot. If you have a phone that does have issues in acting as a mobile hotspot, come buy a Samsung phone for the best prices in Indianapolis. Give us a call at 317-835-9772 for a smartphone with a fantastic mobile hotspot today.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspots have several positives, mobility, versatility and the ability to host more than one device. Great to use in a pinch, mobile hotspots are a wonderful way for you to get connected to the internet with a relatively strong connection in a pinch.

Pros of Mobile Hotspots


A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot gives you access to the web anyplace a somewhat decent cell signal. You no longer need to find a coffee shop or fast food restaurant that provides free Internet, and you are not constrained by their business hours. With a mobile hotspot, you can get online at your convenience.

Hotspots Provide Increased Flexibility

Whether you use a dedicated hotspot device like a smartphone that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal, you can connect to it with any non-mobile Wireless capable device. Thus, you don’t need to buy a 3G or LTE card for your laptop or tablet. Mobile phone hotspots are generally much cheaper to purchase and much easier to scale. Generally, a mobile hotspot plan can be purchased with or without a long-term contract.


Connect Multiple Devices

The average Android device can be shared wirelessly up to five other devices, including other cell phones, tablets, and computers. Most phone hotspots allow at least five, sometimes 10 devices that can connect all at once.

Cons of Mobile Phone Hotspots

Can Be Slow to Connect

Most mobile phone hotspots provide slower Internet access than you normally would get at home, office or even the library! Take note If you’re uploading or downloading files of multiple megabytes, it might take considerably longer with a mobile connection.

Data Limits

Although most home or office-based Internet connections allow unlimited data, your mobile plan may not. It may allow only a certain amount of data usage or throttle speeds after you’ve reached a set limit. Let it be known that turning your phone into a mobile hotspot can result in massive data overcharges. A mobile hotspot can easily eat up your mobile data and use up all of your monthly data allowance quickly than what would otherwise happen with normal mobile phone usage.

Phone Usage is Restricted

When you use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, the smartphone no longer functions as a regular phone. Often, you are restricted from receiving calls once you turn your phone into a hotspot. Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t have the capacity to support simultaneous voice and data use.

When it Comes Time to Use

When it comes time to use a hotspot, give us a call at 317-835-9772, we are here to help mobile hotspot ready devices and mobile phone plans today!

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Trade In Used Smartphones Now!

With new smartphone models frequently hitting the market, you’ll be craving an upgrade sometime soon. For the best deal on the latest phones and wireless accessories, trade in your outdated models. Offering smartphone repair, trade-ins, and sales in Indianapolis, Indiana area, the professionals at Mobile King will help get you the most value for your money. You can reach us at 317-835-9772 to buy a Samsung S9 in Indianapolis.

When New Wireless Models Come Out

When the newest model comes out, check the prices quickly. Rates for used smartphone models drop by 15% or more within weeks from the latest launch. After smart phone updates have been out for awhile, prices will continue to decrease. In the world of wireless accessories, you need to act immediately.

Selling Smartphones Yourself Can Be Tricky

Often with Samsung phones or tablets, selling product with your own hands can be more than a time-consuming hassle. Rather than arguing over a negotiated price for a device with potential buyers online, step into a shop and know exactly what you’re getting.

Rather than being bothered with the lengthy process of do-it-yourself smartphone sales, trading in your used phone inside a shop ensures that you’ll get a great deal for your old device quickly and safely, and you’re able to get your upgrade in the same convenient location.

Take Advantage of Multiple Sales Programs

There are multiple trading options and programs available, so look for the one that suits your needs best. More often than not, trade-in programs can offer hundreds of dollars for used devices, but that depends on their condition and usage. Your device will be carefully evaluated before receiving funds for your trade-in. As long as the phones are somewhat functioning, even models with cracked screens and scratches are still worth the money.

Trade in or Buy New Wireless Accessories Now

Whether you’ve decided to trade in used wireless accessories or looking to buy a new Samsung S9 or tablet repair, we are experts at Mobile King. We consistently offer top notch service for old, damaged, and unwanted smartphone models, these experts offer same-day service at prices that anyone can afford and can offer you a new cell phone plan at a great price! Visit our website to learn more, or call 317-835-9772 to get a great price today.

New Mobile Phone Plan_
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How To Choose A Mobile Phone Plan

Figuring out how to choose a mobile phone plan can be simple if you collect some important information before you start shopping. If you’re already part of a plan, this should be easy enough to look up. If not, you may have to do some guessing at first and then make adjustments to your plan later. There are plans out there for everyone, whether you’re looking for something for the family or yourself, something basic or for a heavy data user, etc. Identify your specific needs first to help determine the best plan for you.

Identify Your Mobile Phone Plan Needs

It may seem obvious, but the first thing to do is review what you need from a mobile phone plan, especially when it comes to data. Data usage includes texting, talking and using the internet. Check your current carrier account for your average monthly data usage to get an accurate picture of how much you’ll need. If you don’t have any history to rely on, consider this: according to several industry reports, the average monthly data usage for a smartphone owner is 2-5GB. Going over your monthly data can result in costly fees, so monitor your usage carefully. Some carriers will send you a notification if you’re close to your limit.

Other basic things to consider are how many lines you’ll need, if you or others on your plan will need a new phone, whether you want insurance for your devices and what type of plan you prefer.

Types Of Mobile Plans

Prepaid Plans

These plans may be less expensive per month, but since you’re paying for data ahead of time, you may not be able to add or change your service until the next month which could leave you in a bit of a pickle.

Family Plans

Plans for the whole family can be beneficial if the majority of your phone usage is between family members. These plans typically offer multiple line discounts, and unlimited text and talking to others on the plan. They also generally have a sufficient amount of shareable data.

No-contract verses Contract Plans

There are pros and cons to having a plan with or without a contract. Contracts can offer locked in prices and offer payment plans for new devices. Contract customers generally get network priority too. However, having a contract can mean additional monthly service fees and, of course, heavy penalties for early termination.

Check Network Coverage

Last, but definitely not least, be sure to do some research on network coverage and service for the carriers you are considering. You may find the perfect plan at the perfect price, but if the cellular service stinks, it won’t do you a bit of good.

Coverage maps are a good place to start to see just how many towers are in your area. Information on independent tests done on networks are an even better place to look. Several reliable articles are out there that can give you an indication on how different networks measure up.

Finally, start asking family, friends and coworkers which carrier they use. They already have valuable experience to provide you with insight that can help you make a final decision.

Pick a New Mobile Phone Plan Today

At Mobile King we have a wide variety of mobile phone plans to choose from. From prepaid to family plans, our cell phone plans are the best available on the market. Stop by Mobile King or call us at 317-835-9772 to find out about the different mobile phone plans that we have available. See you soon!

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Are you in the market for a new cell phone? We can help! Stop by or call Mobile King for all your cell phone needs. Perhaps your current phone doesn’t have the latest features or you aren’t happy with the model or performance. No matter why you’re ready to move on, you should never throw away your old cell phone. There are so many ways to reuse and repurpose them! Here are five reasons not to throw away an old cell phone.

Pay It Forward

You may not be satisfied any longer with your cell; you may even think it’s useless, but believe it when we tell you there are many others who can benefit from you passing it on. There are many organizations collecting cell phones for people who need them: soldiers, veterans, victims of domestic violence, seniors, and more. It’s fairly easy to find a donation center close to you by doing a quick Google search.

Make It Your Reading or Gaming Phone

Apps, books, games, etc. can use up precious space on a cell phone. Why not use your old one solely for the extras? This comes in handy if you have kids too. Let them play games or watch videos on the old device so they aren’t borrowing your new one all the time. Sharing is nice but can be inconvenient at times too. If you’re child isn’t old enough to have their own, it’s nice to have something they can use that you aren’t worried about them losing or breaking.

Full-time GPS

Another useful way to use your old cell phone is to make it your permanent GPS device. Set it up in the perfect spot in your vehicle and have it ready to go whenever you need it instead of fussing around with opening apps and repositioning every time. It will save you on the battery life of your new phone too!

Home Security Camera Or Baby Monitor

Use your camera and Wi-Fi to keep an eye on your home. Watch for those packages you’ve been expecting or check in on pets while you’re away. Many systems even have home automation features you can use to control things like locks or cooling and heating. Phones can be set up to monitor your little one too! Get alerts when your baby wakes up and even talk to them through your old home phone.

Emergency Backup

Have you ever misplaced your phone or had it stolen? If only you had a backup to help you find it or get you through until you replaced it. Well, that’s exactly what you can do with your old cell phone. Keep it handy in case of emergency.

Come See Mobile King with Your Old Cell Phone

These are just a few reasons you shouldn’t throw out your old cell phone. Want more ideas or need help with a new or old cell phone? We have the expertise you’re looking for. Come on in to Mobile King or call us for all of your cell phone needs. We’re happy to help!

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Time For an Upgrade? Try Used.

With new phone models always hitting the market, you’ll be starving for a new phone upgrade soon. For the best deal on the latest phones and wireless accessories, trade in your outdated models. Offering cellphone repair, trade-ins, and sales in Indianapolis, the team at Mobile King will help you find ways to make the most bang for your buck for your cell phone!

When the New Smartphone Comes Out

When the newest smartphone model comes out, make sure that you check the prices quickly. Often, rates for used smartphone models drop by 10% or higher within weeks from the latest launch. After smartphone updates have been out for a bit of a time, as smartphone prices continue to spiral downwards. In the world of wireless phones and accessories, you need to act immediately.

Selling a Phone Can Be a Hassle

To be honest, selling your old smartphone for yourself can be a time-consuming hassle. Rather than haggling with potential buyers online or Craigslist, come into a used cellphone store like Mobile King and then you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.
Rather than being bothered with the lengthy process of trying to sell your smartphone or tablet yourself, trading your phone inside a cellphone shop ensures that you’ll get a great deal for your outdated model quickly and safely with your upgrade available in the same convenient location.

Multiple Smartphone Trading Options

At Mobile King, there are multiple trading options and programs available, so look for the one that suits your needs best. There are trade-in programs that can offer you hundreds of dollars for used mobile phone devices, but that also depends heavily upon their overall condition and usage. Your smart device will be carefully evaluated before receiving funds for your trade-in. Even models with cracked screens and scratches are still worth money.

Trade in Your Smartphone Today

Whether you’re trading in wireless accessories or springing for cellphone or tablet repair, trust in the specialists at Mobile King. We provide first-rate service for old, damaged, and unwanted smartphone models, our experts offer same-day service at economical prices that anyone can afford. Give us a call (317) 835-9772 to get an estimate today!

mobile phone battery life
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There have been recent advancements in the quality and computing ability of today’s smartphones. Many of the advancements in mobile technology mean that smartphones now have many of the same capabilities as most computers that are on the market. But the variety of purposes your phone serves can also end up draining its battery at a fast rate. According to the experts, the more  attentive that you are to your phone’s consumption, will increase the life of your smartphone battery substantially. Before you need to invest in an iPhone repair in Indianapolis, here are some tips that you can use to extend the life of your smartphone battery.

Watch Your Connectivity Use

Does having your Bluetooth® activated drain your cellphone battery life? Well it does! An easy way to preserve your smartphone battery usage is to turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. As a matter of speaking, the experts at Mobile King recommend switching to wireless 3G or 4G services, since they are easier on the battery. Also, pay close attention to the power consumption whenever you switch the Bluetooth® option on. When your phone has it’s Bluetooth connectivity activated, the connection is constantly searching for signals from nearby devices and will greatly reduce your battery life considerably.

Make it a Point to Turn Off Extra Smartphone Apps

Have you ever taken a look at your phone and noticed that you have a numerous amount of apps running at the same time? Well, by keeping apps running in the background, you are taking a toll on your mobile phone’s efficiency. Even though having multiple applications open may make it easy to switch from window to window to get a number of tasks done simultaneously, keeping multiple apps open at the same time is a sure fire way to burn out your phone faster and require that you recharge more.

Adjust the Brightness Settings

Your phone’s battery could also be running out faster if you haven’t optimized the screen settings yet. Reducing the brightness is one way to prevent your phone battery from losing its life quickly. Additionally, check how long the screen timeout duration is, and set it on the lowest interval available on your phone. If you have an iPhone you can set your phone to automatically adjust your screens brightness, so that this will be one less thing on your plate!

Smartphone Battery Life Can Only Last So Long

Regular iPhone repairs and maintenance services can also address system bugs that could be draining the life out of your battery. But sometimes it’s just time to buy a new smartphone device. Get in touch with the Indianapolis iPhone repair experts at Mobile King to talk about ways  to further improve your phone’s efficiency and overall performance. We are experts in smartphone, tablet, game console, Mac and PC repair. When it comes time to make a new iPhone repair or even to make a purchase of the newest device on the market, give the team at Mobile King a call at 317-835-9772 for help today!

top 3 blogging apps for your iPhone
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Before the smartphone, massive text messages, and more, blogging was primarily an activity that you perform on the laptop or desktop. Now, the smartphone app has given the casual to serious professional blogger the ability to create on the go. When you go to search “buy iPhone X near me” in your next phone search, know that there are a lot of cool blogging apps that give you that freedom to blog that you are looking for. At Mobile King, here are the top 3 blogging apps for your iPhone that we believe you’ll absolutely love.


Weebly is a beautiful blogging platform with the versatility of an ecommerce site to a small business or personal blog. How cool would it be to be able to use the platform on your iPhone X? Well, with the Weebly blogging app, you can! It allows you the ability to upload photos and videos directly from your phone up to the site.

You are able to drag and drop elements just like on the desktop version as well as respond to blog comments which allows you to stay closely in touch with all of your followers!


WordPress has always been the day to day blogger’s favorite blogging platform. WordPress lets you manage your blog with all of your desired convenience. Additionally, with the WordPress app for the iPhone, you can instantly view stats and reply to comments. And like WordPress, this app is very free, however you are able to make upgrades.

Oh yeah, WordPress for iPhone is an open source project, so you are allowed to contribute to its development to continually make the app better to use for everyone. That is rewarding.

BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro is a lesser known blogging platform. The BlogPad Pro app allows you the ability to manage multiple blogs when you are on the go. BlogPad Pro is super handy app. On the BlogPad Pro blogging app, you are able to easily use the quick editing tools to edit or even delete posts.

With the BlogPad Pro blogging app you are able to work offline because the app saves data locally. As soon as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to sync the data with ease.

Additionally, there is an option to create a blog post and set the preferred status of the blog like pending, published, draft. Did we mention that it’s free? Well, it is.

We Hope You Love These Top 3 Blogging Apps for Your iPhone

We love blogging at Mobile King, and we know you do as well. That’s why we’ve taken the time to pick these three blogging apps for you. Now, there are several more types of blogging apps that exist, and we encourage you to explore all of the cool options out there and recommend to your fellow bloggers. If you happen to be in the market to buy an iPhone X and looking for an iPhone X for sale in Indianapolis, give us at Mobile King a call today! Our number is 317-835-9772, we’re here and waiting to hear from you!



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The iPhone has so many great features and available apps that are designed to alert you and make your phone fun and easy to use. If you own an iPhone or have used one for any extended period of time, you have probably also noticed that all of these cool features do a number on the life of your battery. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to conserve energy. Before you need to make an iPhone repair Indianapolis, it’s best to take all of the necesary steps to preserve the life of your phone as long as possible! You can find more tips online, but here are three ways to extend your iPhone battery life.

iPhone Battery Life Tips

Adjust Automatic Settings

There are a few settings in your iPhone that automatically run in the background. These can be adjusted to save battery life. One of these is Auto-Brightness which controls the screen brightness on your phone using an ambient light sensor that detects the level of surrounding ambient light and adjusts brightness accordingly. Turning this on will conserve energy and make things easier to see.
Another setting is Automatic Updates. This feature automatically updates the apps on your iPhone as they are released. While this is convenient, it also drains battery life. Choose to check for updates manually by turning this off in your settings under iTunes/App Store.
There is also a Background App Refresh setting that monitors the apps you use most often and when you use them and automaticallyBackground app refresh updates them based on this information so they’re ready for you. Again, very convenient but easy enough to do manually. This can be turned off under General Settings.

Adjust Wireless Settings

Wi-Fi is awesome and obviously the preferred high-speed internet connection. However, having your Wi-Fi turned on and searching for a connection all the time is not contributing to a long iPhone battery life. So, unless you know you’re in a location where Wi-Fi is available, keep it turned off. You can do this under Settings or in your Control Panel by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
The same goes for the Personal Hotspot setting. Making your phone a hotspot means your phone is using precious energy to broadcast cellular data to other in-range devices so they can share your wireless data connection. Unless you’re using it, keep it off. This can also be adjusted under Settings.
Bluetooth is another wireless connection setting that consumes a lot of iPhone battery life because it’s continually looking for data. Like the others above, it’s helpful but should only be on when you need to use it.

Adjust Data Settings

We all love getting things fast, but if you’re low on power, consider using a slower data connection and turn off cellular data. More energy is consumed when you use 3G or 4G LTE. Having this setting off allows you to use Wi-Fi if it’s available.
Another data setting is the data Push setting. This allows your phone to look for new data regularly, particularly email and, as you guessed it, takes away from iPhone battery life.

Hopefully You’ve Been Able to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

There are lots of other ways to extend the time between necessary phone charging, but these are a few big ones that should help. You don’t have to do them all at the same time, but at least being more mindful of your settings will allow you to enjoy a longer iPhone battery life.
iPhone Glass Repair Indianapolis
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Types of Popular iPhone Damage

Let’s face it. All sorts of things happen to mobile phones throughout the course of their working life. We’ve seen iPhone damage of all sorts done by our clients. While there are many ways to bring your iPhone back from the dead, there are some types of popular iPhone damage that just aren’t that repairable:

Types of iPhone Fatal Damages

So what’s the death sentence for a damaged iPhone? Well, when it’s time to get an iPhone repair Indianapolis, give us a call at 317-835-9772 for help with your iPhone damage today.

Water Damage

If you spill a drink on your iPhone or drop it in a toilet for just a second, it’s possible to get water damage repair. However, if the device was in water a long time, it might not be salvageable. As an example, if you accidentally run your iPhone X through the washer or find it’s been sitting in pot of coffee overnight, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a new phone.

iphone damage

Sand or Dirt

Have you recently taken your mobile phone on a canoe trip down to Turkey Run? Be sure to cover it so sand and dirt don’t enter the ports. While a few particles of dirt or sand can be blown or brushed out carefully to restore the phone’s workability, too much will make your device unusable.

iPhone Broken into Pieces

While cracked iPhone screens are common types of damage that often are fixable through iPhone repair. However, if your iPhone is crushed or broken into pieces, the chances of putting your phone back together is probably unlikely. You’d be better served if you were to take your mobile phone to Mobile King to have us take a look!

Fire Damage

If your iPhone gets too hot, it can be taken out of operation momentarily, but just as it does with anything else, fire will make your phone melt. And be cautious of microwaves. Contrary to popular belief, an internet prank falsely suggested that microwaving an iPhone 8 would charge it. In reality, there is a good chance that the mobile phone device will explode, suffer internal damage, and catch fire.

Extreme Freezing or Cold

Just as the iPhone is sensitive to heat, it also can be adversely affected by cold temperatures. If an iPhone is left in the snow or a freezer for an extended period of time, chances are that the phone will suffer all kinds of temporary and permanent problems, including internal damage and a cracked screen.

Do You Think Your iPhone Can Be Repaired?

If you think an iPhone 8 repair will work for your device or need more information, call Mobile King at 317-835-9772 and tell get your iPhone repaired today.