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5 Reasons Not to Throw Away an Old Cell Phone

Are you in the market for a new cell phone? We can help! Stop by or call Mobile King for all your cell phone needs. Perhaps your current phone doesn’t have the latest features or you aren’t happy with the model or performance. No matter why you’re ready to move on, you should never throw away your old cell phone. There are so many ways to reuse and repurpose them! Here are five reasons not to throw away an old cell phone.

Pay It Forward

You may not be satisfied any longer with your cell; you may even think it’s useless, but believe it when we tell you there are many others who can benefit from you passing it on. There are many organizations collecting cell phones for people who need them: soldiers, veterans, victims of domestic violence, seniors, and more. It’s fairly easy to find a donation center close to you by doing a quick Google search.

Make It Your Reading or Gaming Phone

Apps, books, games, etc. can use up precious space on a cell phone. Why not use your old one solely for the extras? This comes in handy if you have kids too. Let them play games or watch videos on the old device so they aren’t borrowing your new one all the time. Sharing is nice but can be inconvenient at times too. If you’re child isn’t old enough to have their own, it’s nice to have something they can use that you aren’t worried about them losing or breaking.

Full-time GPS

Another useful way to use your old cell phone is to make it your permanent GPS device. Set it up in the perfect spot in your vehicle and have it ready to go whenever you need it instead of fussing around with opening apps and repositioning every time. It will save you on the battery life of your new phone too!

Home Security Camera Or Baby Monitor

Use your camera and Wi-Fi to keep an eye on your home. Watch for those packages you’ve been expecting or check in on pets while you’re away. Many systems even have home automation features you can use to control things like locks or cooling and heating. Phones can be set up to monitor your little one too! Get alerts when your baby wakes up and even talk to them through your old home phone.

Emergency Backup

Have you ever misplaced your phone or had it stolen? If only you had a backup to help you find it or get you through until you replaced it. Well, that’s exactly what you can do with your old cell phone. Keep it handy in case of emergency.

Come See Mobile King with Your Old Cell Phone

These are just a few reasons you shouldn’t throw out your old cell phone. Want more ideas or need help with a new or old cell phone? We have the expertise you’re looking for. Come on in to Mobile King or call us for all of your cell phone needs. We’re happy to help!



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