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Mobile Phone Hotspots

It’s important to have access to the web in today’s connected and fast paced society. More than likely, your smartphone offers a mobile internet connection, however you’ll find that most tablets and laptops do not. In situations such as that, the best solution is a mobile Wi-Fi. This device connects to a mobile data network and broadcasts a small wireless signal that lets you connect several other devices to the Internet. In a large number of cases, you won’t need a separate device.

More often than not, your smartphone may offer hotspot capability. There are several upsides and a number of downsides to using your phone as a mobile hotspot. If you have a phone that does have issues in acting as a mobile hotspot, come buy a Samsung phone for the best prices in Indianapolis. Give us a call at 317-835-9772 for a smartphone with a fantastic mobile hotspot today.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspots have several positives, mobility, versatility and the ability to host more than one device. Great to use in a pinch, mobile hotspots are a wonderful way for you to get connected to the internet with a relatively strong connection in a pinch.

Pros of Mobile Hotspots


A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot gives you access to the web anyplace a somewhat decent cell signal. You no longer need to find a coffee shop or fast food restaurant that provides free Internet, and you are not constrained by their business hours. With a mobile hotspot, you can get online at your convenience.

Hotspots Provide Increased Flexibility

Whether you use a dedicated hotspot device like a smartphone that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal, you can connect to it with any non-mobile Wireless capable device. Thus, you don’t need to buy a 3G or LTE card for your laptop or tablet. Mobile phone hotspots are generally much cheaper to purchase and much easier to scale. Generally, a mobile hotspot plan can be purchased with or without a long-term contract.

Connect Multiple Devices

The average Android device can be shared wirelessly up to five other devices, including other cell phones, tablets, and computers. Most phone hotspots allow at least five, sometimes 10 devices that can connect all at once.

Cons of Mobile Phone Hotspots

Can Be Slow to Connect

Most mobile phone hotspots provide slower Internet access than you normally would get at home, office or even the library! Take note If you’re uploading or downloading files of multiple megabytes, it might take considerably longer with a mobile connection.

Data Limits

Although most home or office-based Internet connections allow unlimited data, your mobile plan may not. It may allow only a certain amount of data usage or throttle speeds after you’ve reached a set limit. Let it be known that turning your phone into a mobile hotspot can result in massive data overcharges. A mobile hotspot can easily eat up your mobile data and use up all of your monthly data allowance quickly than what would otherwise happen with normal mobile phone usage.

Phone Usage is Restricted

When you use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, the smartphone no longer functions as a regular phone. Often, you are restricted from receiving calls once you turn your phone into a hotspot. Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t have the capacity to support simultaneous voice and data use.

When it Comes Time to Use

When it comes time to use a hotspot, give us a call at 317-835-9772, we are here to help mobile hotspot ready devices and mobile phone plans today!



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