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Trade In Used Smartphones Now!

With new smartphone models frequently hitting the market, you’ll be craving an upgrade sometime soon. For the best deal on the latest phones and wireless accessories, trade in your outdated models. Offering smartphone repair, trade-ins, and sales in Indianapolis, Indiana area, the professionals at Mobile King will help get you the most value for your money. You can reach us at 317-835-9772 to buy a Samsung S9 in Indianapolis.

When New Wireless Models Come Out

When the newest model comes out, check the prices quickly. Rates for used smartphone models drop by 15% or more within weeks from the latest launch. After smart phone updates have been out for awhile, prices will continue to decrease. In the world of wireless accessories, you need to act immediately.

Selling Smartphones Yourself Can Be Tricky

Often with Samsung phones or tablets, selling product with your own hands can be more than a time-consuming hassle. Rather than arguing over a negotiated price for a device with potential buyers online, step into a shop and know exactly what you’re getting.

Rather than being bothered with the lengthy process of do-it-yourself smartphone sales, trading in your used phone inside a shop ensures that you’ll get a great deal for your old device quickly and safely, and you’re able to get your upgrade in the same convenient location.

Take Advantage of Multiple Sales Programs

There are multiple trading options and programs available, so look for the one that suits your needs best. More often than not, trade-in programs can offer hundreds of dollars for used devices, but that depends on their condition and usage. Your device will be carefully evaluated before receiving funds for your trade-in. As long as the phones are somewhat functioning, even models with cracked screens and scratches are still worth the money.

Trade in or Buy New Wireless Accessories Now

Whether you’ve decided to trade in used wireless accessories or looking to buy a new Samsung S9 or tablet repair, we are experts at Mobile King. We consistently offer top notch service for old, damaged, and unwanted smartphone models, these experts offer same-day service at prices that anyone can afford and can offer you a new cell phone plan at a great price! Visit our website to learn more, or call 317-835-9772 to get a great price today.

Picking a Cell Phone Provider
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If you’re like many other adults, you may put off on iPhone ® upgrades for just as long as possible. After all, these devices are investments, and it makes sense to get the best out of their life span as possible. Nonetheless, there comes a time when owning an obsolete or outdated phone causes more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe your iPhone® glass repair just isn’t worth it this time, and you are looking for an iPhone® X for sale. Here are some ways to determine whether it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Picking an iPhone ® Upgrade

Apple iPhone SE

iPhone® Storage Limits May Show it’s Time for an Upgrade

Decreasing storage can affect the way you use your phone. With mobile apps, photos, and videos, it’s easy to max out your storage if you have less than 16 GB. When you’re low on storage, you may find yourself entering into a frenzy, deleting data to make space for updates, apps, or pictures. You can save yourself this hassle by upgrading to a model with more storage space, as the newest options have at least 64 GB.

Age of iPhone® May Show it’s Time for an Upgrade

If you feel as if you have enough storage on your iPhone, but your iPhone is still sluggish, it could simply be a result of its age. No technology is meant to last forever, and at a certain point, Apple ® usually renders its oldest devices obsolete. Because of this,  you’ll never have the ability to receive updates for your software or apps, and you’ll likely be unable to download new apps, as well. The need to continue to find hacks to extend your iPhone battery life is key as well.

iPhone® Accessories Available May Show it’s Time for an Upgrade

Apple eliminated its headphone jack back in 2016, so if you’re having trouble finding headphones, adapters, chargers, and other accessories to operate with your phone, it’s generally because manufacturers are designing them for newer models. You may also notice phone cases, armbands, and other add-on features fail to fit your device. Choosing to upgrade your mobile device will open up a whole new world of options for you.

Limits or Advances in iPhone® Features

Even if you’re tech novice enthusiast, the features of the most up to date iPhone® models are hard to resist. From wireless charging to face ID for optimal security, the simple and powerful new developments have been designed with today’s busiest individuals in mind. Also, if you’re questioning why everyone else’s photos look so great lately, it’s likely because they’re using portrait mode, available on iPhone 8 plus for sale models and later.

When it’s Time for an iPhone® Upgrade Come to Us

At Mobile King, we have a number of iPhone’s® available for you to buy. Just swing by or call us anytime at 317-835-9772 today!

apps privacy
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Some apps may track your activity as time go on, even when you let them know to forget recent. And there’s nothing you can possibly do about it. These mobile phone apps avoid privacy settings. Think about this the next time you look to make an iPhone upgrade.

Roughly 17,000 Android apps collect identifying information that creates a permanent record of the activity on your device, according to research from the International Computer Science Institute. The data collection appears to violate the search giant’s policy on collecting data that can be used to target users for advertising in many cases, the researchers said.

How Are Apps Tracking Your Usage?

The apps can track you by linking your Advertising ID– a unique but resettable number used to tailor advertising– with other identifiers on your phone that are difficult or impossible to change. Those IDs are the device’s unique signatures: the MAC address, IMEI and Android ID. No more than a third of the apps that collect identifiers take only the Advertising ID, as recommended by Google’s best practices for developers.

“Privacy disappears” when apps collect those persistent identifiers, said Serge Egelman, who led the research. He said his team, which reported the findings to Google in September, observed the majority of the apps sending identifying information to advertising services, an apparent violation of Google’s policies.

The company’s policies allow developers to collect the identifiers but forbid them from combining the Advertising ID with hardware IDs without explicit consent of the user, or from using the identifiers that can’t be reset, to target ads. What’s more, Google’s best practices for developers recommend collecting only the Advertising ID.

A Tech Industry Privacy Standard

The behavior matches the tech industry’s long history of creating privacy measures that websites and app developers quickly learn to bypass. Adobe, for example, was forced to address Flash cookies in 2011 after complaints that the snippets of software could survive in your web browser even after you cleared all your cookies.

Similar complaints arose in 2014 over Verizon’s and AT&T’s use of so-called “supercookies,” which tracked users across multiple devices and couldn’t be cleared. In 2012, Microsoft accused Google of circumventing its P3P web privacy standard, which let users of the Internet Explorer browser set their preferences for cookies.

Data picked up by mobile apps has provoked even broader scrutiny because of the explosion of smartphones and tablets. In January, Facebook and Google were both found to have used a developer tool to circumvent Apple’s privacy rules and build iOS apps that collect user information. Facebook’s scandal in 2018 and other privacy controversies have sparked greater scrutiny over how data is being collected and used.

apps privacy

Which Apps Violate Privacy Settings the Most

It’s been discovered that about 6,000 children’s apps were improperly collecting user data, and then there is an extremely large number of big-name apps for that are exclusively for adults which are sending permanent identifiers to various advertising services.

The apps included Angry Birds Classic, the smartphone game, as well as Audiobooks by Audible and Flipboard. Clean Master, Battery Doctor and Cheetah Keyboard, all utilities developed by Cheetah Mobile, were also found to send permanent info to advertising networks.

All of these apps have been installed on at least 100 million devices. Clean Master, a phone utility that includes antivirus and phone optimization services, has been installed on 1 billion devices.

What is Google’s Doing About the Phone App Privacy Issues?

Google said it had investigated the report and taken action on some apps. It declined to say the number of apps it did something about or what action was taken, or to identify which of its policies the mobile apps had violated. Google said its policies allow for the collection of hardware identifiers and the Android ID for some purposes, like for fraud detection, but except the targeting of ads.

Google strictly enforces its policies only when Android apps send the identifiers to Google’s own ad networks, including AdMob. The next time you buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Unlocked, remember these facts. If the apps send the data to outside networks, Google says it can’t monitor those violations.

Google has a number of initiatives that aim to protect user privacy and security. Google has actually increased the range of abusive apps it blocked from it’s Google Play store by 55 percent in 2018.

The data collection identified got Uber in trouble with Apple in 2015. According to The New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook was angry to learn that Uber was collecting iOS users’ hardware identifiers against Apple’s policies and threatened to remove the Uber app from the App Store.

They all tested the apps as they operated on Android 6, also known as Marshmallow. Just over half of all Android devices run Android 6 or an earlier version of the system, according to a Google analysis from October. The researchers configured a version of Android that allowed them to track which identifiers an app collected then afterwards ran thousands of apps on the modified software.

Changing your Advertising ID should serve the same function as clearing out your web browsing data. When you clear cookies, websites you visited previously won’t recognize you. That stops them from building up data about you over time.

But you can’t reset other identifiers, like the MAC address and IMEI. The MAC address is a unique identifier that your device broadcasts to internet connections like Wi-Fi routers. The IMEI is an identifier for your specific device. Both identifiers can sometimes be used to prevent stolen phones from accessing a cellular network. The Android ID is another identifier that’s unique to every device. It can possibly be reset, but only if you run a factory reset of your device.

If apps send ad networks any of those identifiers, it won’t matter how many times you reset your advertising ID. They can still tell it’s you.

What Does the App Privacy Issue Mean to You?

Google remains in the best position to punish apps that use hardware identifiers and the Android ID in ways that violate its own policies.

The fact that developers are creating workarounds to the Advertising ID suggests that many individuals are resetting the identifier, Cranor said, even though most users are unaware of the privacy feature.

When you are ready to make an iPhone X or buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone, give us a call at 317-835-9772 today.

Cellphone Computing Power
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Awhile ago, phones didn’t have the processing power, memory or hard drive space like computers have. They were very slow compared to laptops.  Now, cell phones like the iPhone beat the Mac in computing power.  223 million people own cell phones. Of those who own cell phones, more than 80 million people own an iPhone. The most common break-fix is an iPhone screen repair.

Cell Phones Can Handle Computing Processing Power

Phones now can handle video editing, intense gaming, also spreadsheet and document editing. There are a few cell phones that have docks that can display on a larger monitor, and software to use them as traditional PC’s.

Your phone can access your most important files. It can be a better computer than your computer. Especially if you are paying upward of $1,000 for it. Its computing power should be as good as or even better than a laptop.

For the iOS and Android, the software was created to handle many tasks at the same time. Multitasking is typical of most phones these days. Having one device that containing your whole computing life is becoming more of the norm.

One Brain, Multi-bodied Computing Power

The iPhone is more functionally flexible than the computer now. Although it doesn’t know what a mouse is, it has features like the iPad. The iPhone has split-screen multitasking and full landscape mode. There’s plenty of computing power in the iPhone to handle this. Apple isn’t going the route of having a mouse and keyboard though.

Android manufacturers are creating phones with computing power to interface like Windows or Chrome OS and they have the ability to pair mouse and keyboard like a PC, with calls and notification still popping up when it’s in use as a PC.

What’s Capable with the Computing Power of a Cell Phone

We can all now edit photos using a phone app.  We can display the results on a large monitor and also play videos on any TV.  This can be done without downloading applications or having wireless connections. We now have the ability to leave our cell phone on a dock and keyboard.  Having in this way to be ready to respond to incoming calls and texts. If you’d like to see the computing power of your cell phone, give us a call today at 317-835-9772 today!

Picking a Cell Phone Provider
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Picking a Cell Phone Provider

The are only four cell phone service providers in the United States.  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.  Picking a cell phone provider can be narrowed down to these four providers.  They provide cell phones with their service. Even if you have your own we have a cellphone unlocking service in Indianapolis.

Picking a Cell Service Provider with a light plan

The company Red Pocket is associated with all four of networks.  Red Pocket gives you 1,000 Minutes and 1,000 text for $15 a month on all four networks.

Tello, from Sprint, is $15 a month with 100 minutes, unlimited text.  Also 1GB of LTE data.  You are able to all Canada, Mexico and China.

T-mobiles Mint SIM has a plan for $15 a month, unlimited talk/text with 2GB of LTE data.

Cell Phone Providers with Average plans

Verizon’s Total Wireless has a plan for $35 a month, 5GB unlimited talk/text

AT&T’s Cricket Wireless has unlimited talk/text for $35 a month and 5GB LTE Data

Sprint’s Tello has a plan that is $35 a month with unlimited talk/text and 10GB of LTE data

T-Mobils has Mint SIM for $20 a month, unlimited talk/text and 5 GB of LTE Data

Mint is the “costco” of mobile services, they offer 3, 6 or 12 month packages for their services.  They have discounted prices because of this. Use code “stetsdogg” at checkout.

Picking a Cell Phone Provider with an unlimited plan

Data usage gets de-prioritized after you hit a certain limit.  This is to prevent data usage abuse, or using a plan to replace your home network.

Verizon’ROM mobile $50 a month, unlimited talk/text. Unlimited LTE data.  You become de-prioritized after 20 GB usage

AT&T Straight talk unlimited $55 a month.  This is for unlimited text/talk and minutes.

AT&T Cricket Wireless $55 a month, unlimited talk/text.  unlimited LTE data You become de-prioritized after 22 GB usage

Sprint ROK Mobile $45 a month unlimited talk/text.  Also unlimited data.  You become de-prioritized after 20 GB usage.

Cell Phone Students
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Top 5 Cell Phones For College Students

Students that are headed back to campus next semester might be considering an upgrade to their cell phone. Here is a list of smart phones from the best brands to consider. They are aimed toward the student experience. God forbid the need for an iPhone repair in Indianapolis, but if that is the case, Mobile King is here to serve. We help students all of the time, and we know that these are the top 5 cell phones for college students.

top 5 mobile phones for college students
Samsung S5

1. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

This is the most successful manufacturers of Android phone in America. The 2017 edition does not dissappoint. The Samsung Galaxy J5 has a rear and front facing 13MP camera. Has brilliant clarity on its 720p, 5.2 inch display. Has 16 GB of storage and room for an microSD card. The battery is large also, 3,100 mAh.

iPhone SE2. Apple iPhone SE

The Apple iPhone SE is one of Apple’s most affordable phones. It’s a slimmed down version of the 6S. Pocket friendly and has 32 GB of storage. This Apple has a 4 inch screen, 2GB of RAM and a fast A9 processing chip.
Has a rear facing 12MP camera that can record 4K video and a 1.2MP front facing camera. It performs Facetime calls at 720p. Click here for our iPhone deals.

 motorola moto g5 top 5 phones for college
Motorola Moto G5


3. Motorola Moto G5

This phone carries a budget price. It’s sleek and premium. Having a read facing 15MP camera and a from facing 5MP camera and 3 GB of reliable RAM, we wonder why this phone is so inexpensive?


4. Nokia 3nokia 3 top 5 mobile phones for college students

Are you one who cannot keep your phone in your hands? This Nokia 3 is a sturdy phone. It’s a mid price range phone with many features. Has a touch gorilla glass screen, 8MP cameras, front and back. Rapid auto-focus, and 16GB of expandable memory. It’s octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM can handle multiple activities.


HTC U Play 15HTC U Play

This is a 5.2 inch powerhouse that comes with HTS’s new Sense Companion person assistant. Reminds you of dates, deadlines and start times for events. The HTC U Play has 4GB of RAM, 16MP camera and 32GB of storage space. Impressive? Very. This is a sturdy phone, it has gorilla glass cover over that 1080p display!

These Top 5 Cell Phones for College Students Are Just Cool

Technology has come a long way. Take the time to check out our cell phone selection at