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Computing Power Rivaled By The Cell Phone

Awhile ago, phones didn’t have the processing power, memory or hard drive space like computers have. They were very slow compared to laptops. Now, cell phones like the iPhone beat the Mac in computing power. 223 million people own cell phones. Of those who own cell phones, more than 80 million people own an iPhone. The most common break-fix is an iPhone screen repair.

Cell Phones Can Handle Computing Processing Power

Phones now can handle video editing, intense gaming, also spreadsheet and document editing. There are a few cell phones that have docks that can display on a larger monitor, and software to use them as traditional PC’s.

Your phone can access your most important files. It can be a better computer than your computer. Especially if you are paying upward of $1,000 for it. Its computing power should be as good as or even better than a laptop.

For the iOS and Android, the software was created to handle many tasks at the same time. Multitasking is typical of most phones these days. Having one device that containing your whole computing life is becoming more of the norm.

One Brain, Multi-bodied Computing Power

The iPhone is more functionally flexible than the computer now. Although it doesn’t know what a mouse is, it has features like the iPad. The iPhone has split-screen multitasking and full landscape mode. There’s plenty of computing power in the iPhone to handle this. Apple isn’t going the route of having a mouse and keyboard though.

Android manufacturers are creating phones with computing power to interface like Windows or Chrome OS and they have the ability to pair mouse and keyboard like a PC, with calls and notification still popping up when it’s in use as a PC.

What’s Capable with the Computing Power of a Cell Phone

We can all now edit photos using a phone app. We can display the results on a large monitor and also play videos on any TV. This can be done without downloading applications or having wireless connections. We now have the ability to leave our cell phone on a dock and keyboard. Having in this way to be ready to respond to incoming calls and texts. If you’d like to see the computing power of your cell phone, give us a call today at 317-835-9772 today!



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