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Picking a Cell Phone Provider

The are only four cell phone service providers in the United States. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Picking a cell phone provider can be narrowed down to these four providers. They provide cell phones with their service. Even if you have your own we have a cellphone unlocking service in Indianapolis.

Picking a Cell Service Provider with a light plan

The company Red Pocket is associated with all four of networks. Red Pocket gives you 1,000 Minutes and 1,000 text for $15 a month on all four networks.

Tello, from Sprint, is $15 a month with 100 minutes, unlimited text. Also 1GB of LTE data. You are able to all Canada, Mexico and China.

T-mobiles Mint SIM has a plan for $15 a month, unlimited talk/text with 2GB of LTE data.

Cell Phone Providers with Average plans

Verizon’s Total Wireless has a plan for $35 a month, 5GB unlimited talk/text

AT&T’s Cricket Wireless has unlimited talk/text for $35 a month and 5GB LTE Data

Sprint’s Tello has a plan that is $35 a month with unlimited talk/text and 10GB of LTE data

T-Mobils has Mint SIM for $20 a month, unlimited talk/text and 5 GB of LTE Data

Mint is the “costco” of mobile services, they offer 3, 6 or 12 month packages for their services. They have discounted prices because of this. Use code “stetsdogg” at checkout.

Picking a Cell Phone Provider with an unlimited plan

Data usage gets de-prioritized after you hit a certain limit. This is to prevent data usage abuse, or using a plan to replace your home network.

Verizon’ROM mobile $50 a month, unlimited talk/text. Unlimited LTE data. You become de-prioritized after 20 GB usage

AT&T Straight talk unlimited $55 a month. This is for unlimited text/talk and minutes.

AT&T Cricket Wireless $55 a month, unlimited talk/text. unlimited LTE data You become de-prioritized after 22 GB usage

Sprint ROK Mobile $45 a month unlimited talk/text. Also unlimited data. You become de-prioritized after 20 GB usage.



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