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Time For an Upgrade? Try Used.

With new phone models always hitting the market, you’ll be starving for a new phone upgrade soon. For the best deal on the latest phones and wireless accessories, trade in your outdated models. Offering cellphone repair, trade-ins, and sales in Indianapolis, the team at Mobile King will help you find ways to make the most bang for your buck for your cell phone!

When the New Smartphone Comes Out

When the newest smartphone model comes out, make sure that you check the prices quickly. Often, rates for used smartphone models drop by 10% or higher within weeks from the latest launch. After smartphone updates have been out for a bit of a time, as smartphone prices continue to spiral downwards. In the world of wireless phones and accessories, you need to act immediately.

Selling a Phone Can Be a Hassle

To be honest, selling your old smartphone for yourself can be a time-consuming hassle. Rather than haggling with potential buyers online or Craigslist, come into a used cellphone store like Mobile King and then you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.
Rather than being bothered with the lengthy process of trying to sell your smartphone or tablet yourself, trading your phone inside a cellphone shop ensures that you’ll get a great deal for your outdated model quickly and safely with your upgrade available in the same convenient location.

Multiple Smartphone Trading Options

At Mobile King, there are multiple trading options and programs available, so look for the one that suits your needs best. There are trade-in programs that can offer you hundreds of dollars for used mobile phone devices, but that also depends heavily upon their overall condition and usage. Your smart device will be carefully evaluated before receiving funds for your trade-in. Even models with cracked screens and scratches are still worth money.

Trade in Your Smartphone Today

Whether you’re trading in wireless accessories or springing for cellphone or tablet repair, trust in the specialists at Mobile King. We provide first-rate service for old, damaged, and unwanted smartphone models, our experts offer same-day service at economical prices that anyone can afford. Give us a call (317) 835-9772 to get an estimate today!



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