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How to Preserve Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

There have been recent advancements in the quality and computing ability of today’s smartphones. Many of the advancements in mobile technology mean that smartphones now have many of the same capabilities as most computers that are on the market. But the variety of purposes your phone serves can also end up draining its battery at a fast rate. According to the experts, the more attentive that you are to your phone’s consumption, will increase the life of your smartphone battery substantially. Before you need to invest in an iPhone repair in Indianapolis, here are some tips that you can use to extend the life of your smartphone battery.

Watch Your Connectivity Use

Does having your Bluetooth® activated drain your cellphone battery life? Well it does! An easy way to preserve your smartphone battery usage is to turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. As a matter of speaking, the experts at Mobile King recommend switching to wireless 3G or 4G services, since they are easier on the battery. Also, pay close attention to the power consumption whenever you switch the Bluetooth® option on. When your phone has it’s Bluetooth connectivity activated, the connection is constantly searching for signals from nearby devices and will greatly reduce your battery life considerably.

Make it a Point to Turn Off Extra Smartphone Apps

Have you ever taken a look at your phone and noticed that you have a numerous amount of apps running at the same time? Well, by keeping apps running in the background, you are taking a toll on your mobile phone’s efficiency. Even though having multiple applications open may make it easy to switch from window to window to get a number of tasks done simultaneously, keeping multiple apps open at the same time is a sure fire way to burn out your phone faster and require that you recharge more.

Adjust the Brightness Settings

Your phone’s battery could also be running out faster if you haven’t optimized the screen settings yet. Reducing the brightness is one way to prevent your phone battery from losing its life quickly. Additionally, check how long the screen timeout duration is, and set it on the lowest interval available on your phone. If you have an iPhone you can set your phone to automatically adjust your screens brightness, so that this will be one less thing on your plate!

Smartphone Battery Life Can Only Last So Long

Regular iPhone repairs and maintenance services can also address system bugs that could be draining the life out of your battery. But sometimes it’s just time to buy a new smartphone device. Get in touch with the Indianapolis iPhone repair experts at Mobile King to talk about ways to further improve your phone’s efficiency and overall performance. We are experts in smartphone, tablet, game console, Mac and PC repair. When it comes time to make a new iPhone repair or even to make a purchase of the newest device on the market, give the team at Mobile King a call at 317-835-9772 for help today!



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