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How to Track a Cell Phone

Generally speaking, tracking a cell phone without the user’s permission is not legal. However, there are instances where using the technology can be extremely useful and even save a life. While smartphones are the easiest to pin down, most devices are equipped with GPS or allow you to download an app that make them traceable. There are several ways to keep tabs on your phone and your loved ones. Here’s how to track a cell phone.

Tracking a Smartphone

Smartphones are the easiest to track and many of them already come with installed software to do so. Google offers “Find My Device” which makes it easy to log in to your Google account from any device and locate your phone. It also gives you the capability to lock your phone, change your PIN and even delete some stored data.

Similarly, Apple has “Find My iPhone” which works with iCloud. Logging into your account allows you to see your phone’s location as well as lock it, display a message and erase information. Next time you are at an iPhone repair store in Indianapolis, ask, they’ll show you the feature.

Samsung has “Find My Mobile.” Like the others, it gives you the capability to locate your device and protect your data.

If your phone did not come with any of the above and you’re wondering how to track your cell phone, there are also several great apps available to download. Some are free and others you have to pay for, but many of them will work equally well on your laptops and tablets.

Tracking Non-smartphones

If you’re a non-smart phone user, you’ll want to make sure you register your device with a location service, like “AccuTracking.” Otherwise you will have to rely on your service provider which may include paying a fee for their GPS services.

Keeping Track of Loved Ones

If you want to keep tabs on a loved one, you can use location services to track a cell phone. Turning on location services through Google Maps allows you to add people to share your whereabouts with for a limited time or all the time. Users will be able to view your real time location on a map.

Again, there are several apps available to download to help you keep track of family and friends. More importantly, discussing ways to stay in touch with family and friends is the best way to keep everyone in the loop and prevent panic.

Now that you know how to track a cell phone, be sure to register your devices and install any necessary software to keep them all protected.



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