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Top 3 Blogging Apps for Your iPhone

Before the smartphone, massive text messages, and more, blogging was primarily an activity that you perform on the laptop or desktop. Now, the smartphone app has given the casual to serious professional blogger the ability to create on the go. When you go to search “buy iPhone X near me” in your next phone search, know that there are a lot of cool blogging apps that give you that freedom to blog that you are looking for. At Mobile King, here are the top 3 blogging apps for your iPhone that we believe you’ll absolutely love.


Weebly is a beautiful blogging platform with the versatility of an ecommerce site to a small business or personal blog. How cool would it be to be able to use the platform on your iPhone X? Well, with the Weebly blogging app, you can! It allows you the ability to upload photos and videos directly from your phone up to the site.

You are able to drag and drop elements just like on the desktop version as well as respond to blog comments which allows you to stay closely in touch with all of your followers!


WordPress has always been the day to day blogger’s favorite blogging platform. WordPress lets you manage your blog with all of your desired convenience. Additionally, with the WordPress app for the iPhone, you can instantly view stats and reply to comments. And like WordPress, this app is very free, however you are able to make upgrades.

Oh yeah, WordPress for iPhone is an open source project, so you are allowed to contribute to its development to continually make the app better to use for everyone. That is rewarding.

BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro is a lesser known blogging platform. The BlogPad Pro app allows you the ability to manage multiple blogs when you are on the go. BlogPad Pro is super handy app. On the BlogPad Pro blogging app, you are able to easily use the quick editing tools to edit or even delete posts.

With the BlogPad Pro blogging app you are able to work offline because the app saves data locally. As soon as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to sync the data with ease.

Additionally, there is an option to create a blog post and set the preferred status of the blog like pending, published, draft. Did we mention that it’s free? Well, it is.

We Hope You Love These Top 3 Blogging Apps for Your iPhone

We love blogging at Mobile King, and we know you do as well. That’s why we’ve taken the time to pick these three blogging apps for you. Now, there are several more types of blogging apps that exist, and we encourage you to explore all of the cool options out there and recommend to your fellow bloggers. If you happen to be in the market to buy an iPhone X and looking for an iPhone X for sale in Indianapolis, give us at Mobile King a call today! Our number is 317-835-9772, we’re here and waiting to hear from you!



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