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Types of Popular iPhone Damage

Let’s face it. All sorts of things happen to mobile phones throughout the course of their working life. We’ve seen iPhone damage of all sorts done by our clients. While there are many ways to bring your iPhone back from the dead, there are some types of popular iPhone damage that just aren’t that repairable:

Types of iPhone Fatal Damages

So what’s the death sentence for a damaged iPhone? Well, when it’s time to get an iPhone repair Indianapolis, give us a call at 317-835-9772 for help with your iPhone damage today.

Water Damage

If you spill a drink on your iPhone or drop it in a toilet for just a second, it’s possible to get water damage repair. However, if the device was in water a long time, it might not be salvageable. As an example, if you accidentally run your iPhone X through the washer or find it’s been sitting in pot of coffee overnight, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a new phone.

Sand or Dirt

Have you recently taken your mobile phone on a canoe trip down to Turkey Run? Be sure to cover it so sand and dirt don’t enter the ports. While a few particles of dirt or sand can be blown or brushed out carefully to restore the phone’s workability, too much will make your device unusable.

iPhone Broken into Pieces

While cracked iPhone screens are common types of damage that often are fixable through iPhone repair. However, if your iPhone is crushed or broken into pieces, the chances of putting your phone back together is probably unlikely. You’d be better served if you were to take your mobile phone to Mobile King to have us take a look!

Fire Damage

If your iPhone gets too hot, it can be taken out of operation momentarily, but just as it does with anything else, fire will make your phone melt. And be cautious of microwaves. Contrary to popular belief, an internet prank falsely suggested that microwaving an iPhone 8 would charge it. In reality, there is a good chance that the mobile phone device will explode, suffer internal damage, and catch fire.

Extreme Freezing or Cold

Just as the iPhone is sensitive to heat, it also can be adversely affected by cold temperatures. If an iPhone is left in the snow or a freezer for an extended period of time, chances are that the phone will suffer all kinds of temporary and permanent problems, including internal damage and a cracked screen.

Do You Think Your iPhone Can Be Repaired?

If you think an iPhone 8 repair will work for your device or need more information, call Mobile King at 317-835-9772 and tell get your iPhone repaired today.



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