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What to Do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

Electronics devices and water make a terrible c0mbination, especially if the devices get wet! It’s important you know what to do when your device gets wet, as well as how acting quickly will help to prevent damage and could possibly save your electronic device. But the question is, what can you do when your cell phone gets wet. If your phone or tablet gets damaged, give us a call at 317-835-9772 today!

If Your Device Gets Wet

If your mobile phone or tablet is exposed to liquid, make sure t0 pull it out of the water and turn it off as soon as possible. Take your time. Don’t charge it or connect it to another device, as this might cause it to short circuit. Hand dry it as well as you can with a soft cloth, including the exterior ports and any SIM or memory cards. Don’t delay, even though we very possibly can recover data from a SIM card.

If your device gets wet, bring in your device for one of our experts to take a look. They will assess the damage and remove any liquid and corrosion on the device, inside and out. Contrary to popular belief, don’t bother putting your device into a bag of rice; putting your phone in a bag of rice is a myth that won’t dry out the interior of your device and will only waste precious time that could mean the life of your mobile device, all because your mobile device got wet.

How Can You Further Prevent Water Damage?

If the water damage is bad enough, an experienced repair expert might not be able to save it, you may have a total phone loss and will need to buy a new cell phone or buy a new tablet. The best way to protect your device is preventing water damage in the first place. Begin by getting a water-resistant or waterproof case for your device. If you don’t know what type of case to get, just ask the team at Mobile King, we know the absolute best brands and types of cases for your type of device. First, make sure to avoid taking your device into wet or moist areas, such as pools or bathrooms in the first place! Usually, the warranty issued by the manufacturer will usually not cover liquid damage, so if you want to have the damage covered, take the time and speak with your insurance company about options.

If Your Cell Phone Gets Wet. Call Mobile King.

When your mobile phone or your tablets device needs water damage repair or you if need to purchase a new mobile phone or tablet device, Mobile King should be your one and only choice. The skilled team at Mobile King is familiar with and is an expert at the technology needed to quickly identify and fix any problems, from hard drive repair to liquid or water damage. We are one of the few experts that can handle board damage repair. We offer a warranty on our repairs, so you can trust that the job will be done properly and most important, the job will be done right. We have an extensive selection of mobile phone products and tablets for sale and accept trade-ins for additional savings. Give us a call at 317-835-9772 to speak with an expert with iPhone repair and with other mobile phone and tablet repair today!



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